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Welcome to our home of content creators! We are very pleased to have this post by guest author Emilio Barreda. He is a Social Media Consultant for small businesses and a Social Network Manager . Find him talking about Digital Marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Emilio’s Blog In this post , Emilio comes to give us some recommendations on how to create valuable content for social networks . These recommendations are incredible, so you have to take advantage and take note of each one of them. Thank you very much for this post friend Without further ado‚Ķ Here you have Emilio! Your small business must be present in social networks, competing “one-on-one” with large global corporations.

The good thing about social

In this article I want to teach you how to create valuable content for your social networks with which you can stand out from your competition. Networks is that they “democratize” marketing, we all have the same tools, it costs us all the same to open a Facebook page, a Twitter profile… But some Find Your Phone Number companies are more successful than others, and generally the small businessman is not the most outstanding. Social networks are like a speed championship where all the cars are the same model, with the same characteristics. In these types of races it is the driver who makes the difference. Well, the same thing happens on social networks.

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While small entrepreneurs

And valuable content published at the right time. At the right time, on the best possible day… is what makes the difference. And this is almost the only CG Leads difference between large corporations and small businessmen: the big ones hire all the necessary means to create and publish valuable content. Usually publish when they agree and without taking into account any previous information. What is value content Each one gives value to different things or characteristics. So what works on one Facebook page may not work on another. The first thing we need to know is what value content is ; and valuable content is what your customers, your fans, your followers value. For that you must know what they like. You must know what is the practical content that interests your niche market.

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