Learn to Schedule Posts on Instagram With This Basic Guide

Instagram is one of the social networks that is part of the digital marketing strategy of a large number of brands (whether large or small) and making constant publications is essential for the success of any strategy. One of the rules of any social media marketing strategy is to post consistently. Each one must find the appropriate frequency for their publications according to their audience, but regardless of the frequency, consistency is also essential. There is no use making 10 posts in one day and not posting anything for the next 3 days. It is necessary to make a publication calendar so that the followers of the brand receive publications regularly. Kit with Marketing Calendars Download the free kit and start planning.

How to Schedule Posts on Instagram When You Don’t Want to Post Immediately?

Extremely visual posts make Instagram an easily consumable social network, that’s why you can’t stay out of this showcase that will greatly contribute to the growth of your brand. As I mentioned before, the consistency of the publications is a golden rule in any marketing strategy on social networks. This is why the important of scheduling posts on Instagram is due. To realtor email list free schedule posts on Instagram you must have a business account, it is the only requirement that exists. Currently, there is no way to do it directly in the application, for this task you can count on the help of some extra tools that will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts. Until last year, Instagram did not allow the use of this type of application, but today they are already authorized, due to the high demand for this resource. 

What Tools Exist to Schedule Posts?

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There are several tools that allow you to schedule your posts and not only on Instagram but also on other social networks. Next, I will present the ones that you can use to perform this necessary task:hoot-suiteThis very useful tool allows you, in addition to scheduling your Instagram posts, many other resources, even in its free version. To CG Leads start using the tool you can use the free version. This version allows you to schedule up to 30 posts at once, not only on Instagram but on up to 3 social networks. Focusing on Instagram —which is the one that interests us because we cannot program the publications in the application itself.

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