Learn the Value of Tolerance Within Content Marketing

Promoted by the United Nations (UN) in 1995, with the aim of strengthening tolerance as a mechanism of understanding between cultures and peoples. It should be note that the member countries of this organization establish the Declaration of Principles on tolerance, said report establishes that tolerance is not indifference, but respect for all the diversity of thoughts, beliefs and cultures of all human beings. This declaration focuses on tolerance not so much as something of a moral nature, but rather seeks to take it more to the legal political part of citizens and states, placing it in the context of international human rights law. Requiring countries to make laws that protect everyone without distinction of any kind. Do you know what tolerance is? This term is often confuse, and it is better to make it clear. Tolerance is a value that speaks about the respect that given to people’s ideas, behavior and preferences.

It is not putting up with or putting

This word originates from the latin tolerantia. Which means the quality of someone who can accept, leading us to the part that tolerating is not enduring. It is simply the Changsha Mobile Phone Number List form or attitude with which, despite the differences that may arise. Mechanisms can be found that allow certain behaviors of society to accept. Up with situations that you possibly do not share. But rather having the ability to assume the ideas of others, respecting the other. Avoiding discrimination and coming to offenses just because you do not agree. Tolerance is a value that today has been lost a bit due to the same parameters that society sometimes imposes.

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A click of the heels and an olé!

Campaigns against intolerance the movement against. Intolerance “for all respect” developed several campaigns that call against discrimination CG Leads and hostile treatment in which many of us involve, these are: only one race, the human race. Where acts of racism and xenophobia are denounce. Managing to claim the rights to equality at all levels for freedom, all against violence . A few claps, a few wrist turns, enough for us to fall in love with that wonderful music known as flamenco. This november 16 marks another year of international flamenco day . Spain is dress in lights and the world dances to its rhythm.

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