Learn How to Delete Tweets Quickly and in Quantities

Does your past condemn you? Well, maybe it’s not that bad. You may have just gotten tired of everything you’ve posted on your Twitter over time, now you think it’s time to delete tweets and start from scratch. The good news is that there are ways to do this without tiring your fingers tweeting! Join me in this article and discover how. Manually deleting tweetsLet’s start with the most traditional way of deleting tweets, although I recommend this if you want to delete one or another tweet or you still don’t have a large number of posts on Twitter. Login to your account and select the tweet you want to delete; On the top right side of the tweet, select the “More” button; Among the options that appear, click on the last one: “Delete Tweet”. Clever! You have successfully deleted your tweet.

4 Massive Tools to Delete Your Tweets

1. Tweeteraserif what you’re looking for is a simple and straightforward. Way to delete your tweets, then tweeteraser might be for you. The tool allows you to search through all the content you’ve. Already posted on your twitter using hashtags, dates or keywords. As well as delete one or more tweets together. You just have to enter. The site, log in USA whatsapp number with your twitter username and password. Allow the application to access your account and that’s it: start cleaning! The tool also works in a mobile version, in case you want to delete. From your smartphone or tablet. 2.Tweetdelete _another quite functional solution is tweet delete. Which allows you to instantly delete all tweets, in addition. To providing a schedule so that you can schedule periodic cleanups automatically.

Removing Twitter Tools You No Longer Use

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When you authorize this or other types of tools to access your account, they are enabled in the Applications tab of the social network. However, over time, some may stop updating or become obsolete, and in the long run give you some problems. Therefore, the most recommended thing is that CG Leads you always delete the applications that you are no longer using . To do it, follow the step by step: Go to settings and privacy; On the left side of your screen, select the “Applications” tab; Choose the tools you don’t want to use anymore and click “Revoke access”.

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