Learn to Create the Best Infographics for Instagram in 4 Steps

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words. And it couldn’t be more true in a social network like instagram; your followers do not have much time and their attention is short. But although instagram was originally designed for photos. The truth is that now you can make your audience fall in love with any visual content. So if you are looking for an attractive way to present information, the solution may be: create infographics for instagram . This type of content is increasingly popular and really easy to do. Fortunately, at nido colectivo we have experience with infographics on our instagram profile and in this post we will share it with you. What is an infographic and why is it so popular? Surely you already know this. But it goes without saying that an infographic is a visual representation that summarizes data and uses little text.

The user can understand

Whether it is a description a story or a process.  It more quickly. On a visual platform, such as instagram, it brings many advantages: images often get more attention than text on Oman Phone Number List social media. Users assimilate information much faster, thanks to the different formats. With a good graphic designer you can improve the image of your brand. Types of infographics there are different types of infographics and each one seeks to adapt to a need. You must recognize what your audience is looking for and what content you can offer them. Product infographic : in it you explain the operation or specifications of a product or service, ideal for promoting yours. Sequential infographics : whether for the development of a product or an event.

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To promote campaigns or publicize

They serve to explain a step by step. Scientific infographics – to impart knowledge with illustrations, perfect for content marketing. Biographical infographics : they CG Leads narrate the life or works of a character. They can come in handy for commemorative dates. Geographic infographics : they locate a series of events or comparative information within a place. I recommend it for tourism agencies. Chronological infographic or dissemination : important events. Statistical infographics : it is one of the most used because it allows you to explain graphs and make comparisons of almost any topic. Journalistic or investigative infographics : to report a fact that is or was news. They will keep you on trend. How to make an infographic.

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