Learn About the New Functionality That Allows You to Convert Your Linkedin Profile Into a Cv

Hello, good new week! And as usual, the news is what we have the most. Today we will talk about a somewhat mysterious network for those who only seek to socialize, which is extremely well known by all those who like to promote networking. Yes, I am referring to a new resource for LinkedIn!The social network of great opportunities for business growth has gained a new ally: Ceev, an extension for Google Chrome that searches for your professional information and organizes it into a super professional resume. The great differential of LinkedIn is the B2-B relationship, which is why it is widely used not only by companies but also by professionals looking for challenges and excellent opportunities.

Which is Why in 2018 It Launched:

The how you match function, which means how you fit in, in which. The platform searches for you the best job offers. It centralized all the information so that users can actively. Search for new job offers with just one click. Added the geo-location function, now you not only know. Which companies are looking for talent but also how. Far they are from your Filipino phone numbers home and what means of transport and. Routes you should use to get there. It incorporated the possibility of sending congratulations. For professional achievements. It is in the testing stage of using the microsoft pix app, a photo application, to scan your business card. We must not forget that this network belongs to microsoft, therefore. It is guaranteed that there will be a tenacious fight. With the other giants in the market, to prevail as a communication channel.

Resume is Everything

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Ceev fell like a glove, a platform specialized in preparing a good. Resume that created an application that enters your linkedin and. Organizes your information with an elaborate and attractive design. How does it work? First of all you must install the extension, once this is. You simply have to open your linkedin profile and from there. Click on the application icon CG Leads and then on the “create summary” option. The application will enter your profile, organize your information. And present it to you in a format with great visual impact. You also have options to customize it, four pre-designed templates. Six colors for text, three types of fonts and two-page sizes. Once finished you can download it in pdf or print it directly.

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