Laura Fischer: Knows the Ace of Marketing in Mexico

Laura Fischer is a marketing professor born in Mexico and recognized worldwide for her contributions to Marketing studies and research throughout her professional career. how to become a professor online. When it comes to marketing in Latin America, it is important to mention one of its main exponents, whose name is Laura Fischer. In this content you will be able to discover why it is one of the most respected voices in the area in Mexico. From the institutional point of view, Fischer has been coordinator and member of the Assessment Commission of the Marketing Area in the Faculty of Accounting and Administration (FCA) of the UNAM. Outside of UNAM, Laura Fischer has also taught at the Metropolitan Autonomous University (UAM).

Who is Laura Fisher?

Laura estela fischer de la vega is an expert in mexican electronic marketing. Who has made great contributions to the segment throughout. Her professional career. He studied at the national autonomous university of mexico (unam). For a degree in administration and also has mobile number list for marketing a master’s degree. In communication sciences, obtained at the same university. He also studied a doctorate in social and administrative sciences at. The university of chapultepec and has since 2003 the academic. Certification of the national association of faculties and schools. Of accounting and administration (anfeca). Professionally speaking, fischer has a career spanning more. Than 40 years as a teacher and researcher at unam.

Works by Laura Fischer

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Laura Fischer, in addition to teaching, is a great marketing researcher and has always been in the search and development of new theories applicable to the growth of markets in Latin America. She has authored and co-authored several books on the area. Among the self-authored CG Leads books are: Marketing. Distributed in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Central America, Venezuela and the Caribbean, its first edition was published in 1986 and until now it has had four subsequent editions, for a total of five published editions. Since then it has been used by several universities not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America, it has bibliographic citations in more than 100,000 Internet sites.

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