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16. Adding a Ping List To receive automatic notifications for all existing ping services, ping lists must be added. You can add as many as you want. To add the lists, go to Settings Writing and look for the service updates option. Add your ping lists beyond the existing WordPress one. Added Ping List There are tons of ping sites and you can find them on that’s right, Google! 17. Add/remove widgets in the side menu As part of the WordPress system, there is an option to place widgets in the side menu. Different templates allow additional locations, but here we are talking about the WordPress dropdown menu.

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In order to add widgets to this menu, you must access the Nigeria Phone Number List visibility menu and from there select a widget. Note that to place a widget in the side menu, it must be dragged from the existing list. Add/remove widgets in the side menu You can add widgets such as a search box, recent posts and more. If you did not find the desired widget, you can search for other widgets easily and add them. 18. Creating post categories WordPress allows you to choose and classify your posts into different categories. In order to maintain order on your site, catalog your content into appropriate categories that you can create by clicking Create Category in the posts menu. Choose an appropriate name and add a category description. It is important to change the name of the WordPress distributive category.

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Creating post categories 19. Google Analytics connection CG Leads So there are several Google tools that should be connected to the site. One of those tools is Google Analytics, which provides all the analytics and monitoring of the website data. If you do not have a Google account, now is the time to open one and register for Google Analytics . Here are ways to connect analytics to the website: The template settings – if your template allows it, you can easily add your analytics code. Note that not all templates allow you to do this.

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