Is There a Limit or Ideal Number of Questions in Sales?

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about a subject I have almost no knowledge of: Dentistry. I was worried about a procedure that she needed to do and since she is a dentist I decided to clarify some doubts. The problem was that I started to think: “Am I bothering you with all these questions? Or am I asking stupid questions?”.This got me thinking about how the sales process works. That’s why I wrote this article to understand how relevant a question can be. Well, to my surprise, when I apologized to my friend for my questions, her response was: “There is no question, idiot, idiot is being afraid to ask. “This phrase made me think: what do the leads I chat with daily think about the questions I ask? When I thought about that, a series of other doubts came to my mind.

Is This Question Too Obvious or Redundant?

The answer I got was: NO! No question is very obvious if you take into account that you do not fully know the scenario of your lead. Therefore, ask! It doesn’t matter if you think the question is obvious. It is from those questions that very valuable information can come that, by Attorney email list free believing that the question would be idiotic, you can stop obtaining. For example: if you are talking to e-commerce that sells running shoes, it may seem obvious to ask if the focus of the lead is to attract runners, amateurs or professionals.But what if your interest is to change the focus of e-commerce from b2c to b2b and start attracting resellers to expand the reach of the brand? You can lose essential information to define if your product or solution can help the lead expand their business.lead kit

Am I Being Boring With These Questions?

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Unfortunately, in some cases, it will be a bit boring or invasive. But this happens and is part of the process. To be able to CG Leads help someone to solve a problem, you need to understand the situation and the scenario in which this person is inserted. Then ask! If the lead is really interested in dealing with a pain in his business, he will answer you without problems, as long as you make it clear that the intention of the questions is to help him with the difficulties he is going through. There’s an ideal setting for asking questions about your lead’s business, which is when you’re talking to the business owner. For the owners, the company is like a son who is proud to tell everything, even the problems.

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