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Header php  a slightly more complex method and less recommende for the beginners among us. Open the extract file and copy there the file you extracte from your analytics account. Supplement – we save the best for last. This is the easiest and most popular way to connect Google Analytics to your website. One of the well-known and recommende plugins is Monster Analytics and immediately after you install and activate it, go to the settings and you can confirm and connect the analytics easily. 20. Google Search Console and website verification One of the most important and recommende things to do immediately after installing WordPress is to connect the Google Search Console and verify the site. The high importance comes from the fact that it is a Google tool that allows you to know about critical things that may occur on your site, various errors, provides information for SEO efforts and more.

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Go to the Google Search Console website, edit and upload the Norway Phone Number List headquarters tag to your website and verify the website. The ways of performing the verification are: Uploading a meta tag and verification – remember the citrus file from before. You can also use it here and add Google Search Console directly to the website code. If you know how to code and make HTML edits, this is a recommende method for you and for the rest, less so. Using the template – here too, if the template you chose allows it, you can connect your webmaster using the template. Look for the option to add and if it exists, examine this option as it is easy and friendly in most cases. Add -on – the most recommende method is using an add-on that will do the job for you easily and efficiently.

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Contact form and page The contact page, where you will CG Leads place all your contact information and you, is a very important page and there are many plugins for great contact forms, the best of which is installe on millions of websites, calle Contact Form 7 . After installing the plugin, activate it and click on the plugin menu. Please note that there is a depolative form that you can use and edit if necessary. All you have to do is copy the code of the form and paste it in the appropriate location. You can edit and create different forms according to your need. 22. Updating a WordPress profile Once you have installe WordPress, you have a user profile. It is recommende to update this profile.

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