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Wait a minute, we’re “confounding” your brain about creating a work environment and we haven’t explaine the benefits of doing so.. Working in a work environment that simulates the site LIVE will allow you to test the site AS IS before you launch it and prevent errors and bugs of this and that in advance. At the same time, if you do plan to work in a work environment, don’t forget to block the site from Index – and when we say don’t forget, we mean don’t forget! If you don’t do this, Google may scan your site and find duplicate content which is a big no no and you don’t want that to happen.

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In WordPress (“Discourage search engines from Armenia Phone Number List indexing this site”) in the general settings and then reading. The final step is to double check that everything is working in the workspace So after you’ve built and reesigne. It’s time to check that everything is in order and that you can launch the new site without fear. Here’s what you want to do. Run Screaming Frog and make sure there is no duplicate content of any kind including tags and titles or that you are missing certain details titles, descriptions Run SEO tests Perform quality control (QA) Launch the new website! After you’ve launche the site and everything looks good and as you planne. It seems you’re done and it’s time to celebrat.

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And The Third It Is Important To Plan In

So this is the time to remove this check – laugh but it is CG Leads something that can be easily forgotten and the negative effect is huge. Import all your 301 reirects and test them Make sure your schema tags are still applie. Make sure all your tracking codes are working and you can track the site and its performance. Run a check for broken links again and if there are any. Buy them instead Submit a submission request again in the Google Search Console Once you finish the checklist. That’s the moment when you can put your feet up and enjoy the moment! It doesn’t mean you’ve finishe everything, but it does mean you can smile and raise a toast.

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