Taking this concept into account

One of the most important advantages of digital marketing is the possibility of determining solutions before making decisions. However, in actions such as a campaign, millions of indicator combinations are generate and, in a common analysis, few are actually use. Data-driven marketing solves just that. The main objective of this strategy is to use the data already available to generate more traffic and leads, in addition to reversing what is not suitable, incentivizing what is generating results and obtaining a base for new actions.

Follow the steps to use this strategy

In your project. See the summary of the China Number Data publication here 8 steps to execute a project with data-driven marketing Next, we will define the steps necessary to adopt this strategy. Step 1: Set the goals. Step 2: Determine the metrics to be evaluate. Step 3: Establish how the extraction and presentation of these metrics will be carried out. Step 4: Decide on a date to analyze the metrics. Step 5 – Use AI to validate collecte data and generate insights. Step 6: Analyze the ideas and make decisions based on them. Step 7: Track and adjust the metrics until they are accurate. Step 8: Start the whole process over again. What is data-driven marketing? In addition to adopting new tools, such as Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

China Number Data

There is also a data-driven culture that works

With reviewing processes and gaining insights. Data-driven, in a more literal translation, means “driven by data”. So without this tool, it is common for decision making to be base on personal taste, even with precise numbers and CG Leads data. Data-Driven serves precisely to follow a different path to individual preferences. Therefore, it is a base made up of a large amount of data, which is collecte, processe and analyze with the aim of generating insights in companies. Why use Data-Driven? Data-driven solutions are a set of tools, software and methods that facilitate the storage and interpretation of data, transforming it into very important information.

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