Instagram Web: How to Use Instagram From the Computer?

Instagram was an exclusive application for phones, but due to its great growth, it can also be used from the computer with Instagram Web. Instagram was born in 2010, launching the application exclusively for phones, as the developers believed that sharing photos from there would be easier. Its boom in current times is such that it is an indisputable part of any well-thought-out content strategy. They did not think that the social network would reach such popularity, thus becoming the favorite of users; and by 2012, Instagram Web emerged, but with some limitations. The application was always a priority, although they continued to add various features to Instagram Web, and in this note we will tell you about the most relevant ones: Instagram Web – How to use Instagram from the computer

How to Browse Instagram From the Computer?

Instagram web works like any other social network (although with its limitations). That is, the general idea is to enter it and enter your personal. Data that will allow you to access your account. The Ukraine phone number example next thing you’ll notice is that the feed is very similar and broader. Because, unlike the mobile version, instagram web has a column layout. And at the top, there is a bar with various functions. It is interesting how you can scroll through the feed. As you will be able to see all the posts as if you were in the application. That is, you will have the opportunity to like or add a comment. In the same way, you can also see the trends by selecting the corresponding icon.

Can You Send Messages Through Instagram Web?

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Yes, if you can send messages through instagram web. It was updated in april 2020 and makes it one of the fastest and. Most comfortable ways to interact with users. The icon to send messages is the same as the one in the application. And it is located in the bar that appears in the upper right part. In which you can continue a conversation or generate a new one. The messaging experience is complete since it also includes. Notifications and the possibility of sharing photos and stickers. Basically because it is a social network focused on sharing moments. Something that is vital for a good marketing strategy.

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