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The information from the maps is live information and one that helps to understand how the surfers react to the drive to the existing action on the site. When you have them, consider getting rid of them. With the help of the heat maps you can discover these elements (including content by the way). The heat maps show and demonstrate the areas that receive the highest reference and integration – use this information and improve your website! The heat maps help you understand which elements should be remove because they hinder conversions.

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Make sure that the paddle buttons for operation are clean Indonesia Phone Number List and that no other element can qualify them Do tests for menus and locations – this can cause a sharp increase in your conversions Maximizing the effectiveness of the images The location where you place your photos matters a lot. On the one hand, it can help direct the surfer towards the paddle for action, and on the other hand, interfere. You don’t want the images to be what the surfer looks at or concentrates on. The heat maps will reveal to you whether the image you chose to place is indee positione correctly and does not interfere with the activation button. With the help of the information from the map, you can understand whether the location is correct or if you should move the image to another place.

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Sometimes, changing the position of the image will bring CG Leads about a huge improvement in conversions and this is a change that should be teste. If you look at the picture below, you will see that changing the picture when the baby’s face is no longer forward but facing the content, create a situation where most of the clicks were made on the content itself and that, gentlemen, is a true and tremendous change.

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