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Connecting these two accounts, similar to the search console. will give you more information about the nature of the behavior of the surfers on your site and also very important information, which is what happens on your site after they have reache. it from the AdWords ads. Setting up an AdWords account Go to the AdWords website at: and set up the account according to the instructions. Connect it to Analytics, directly from your Analytics account, according to the following steps. Setting up an AdWords account Enable E-Commerce tracking if you do not manage an eCommerce site, skip this step.

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For those of you who manage an e-commerce site, this is a Lithuania Phone Number List very Important step, so read carefully. E-commerce tracking reveals and provides access to very important. Information and allows businesses to receive and track sensitive information, for example. Which products are sold more. What is the profit from each sale, what is the source of the customers’ arrival – viewing this information will give the business owner. The most important knowledge and it is a source The arrival of the customers and this is a source, who want to nurture and grow. The establishment of e-commerce tracking is carrie out as follows. Look for the button: Enable Ecommerce and click on it.

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E-Commerce tracking in analytics Add the receive code to the CG Leads site according to what your site allows. For each platform, the procedure for enabling the tracking is different. If the platform you are working on interfaces with Google Analytics, you can enable the tracking relatively easily and by activating. The tracking option from the website management system. If your platform does not interface with Google automatically, then you will have to add the code to the thank you page. The code can be found here .

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