Improve Engagement: What Metrics to Take into Account?

Improve engagement Engagement is very important for any company regarding its sales strategies. This is because it allows knowing the level of commitment that customers have with a product or a brand. Therefore, to improve engagement it is important to know how it is measured and what metrics to take into account. Improving engagement: Understanding the metrics Every advertising strategy  evaluate according to its results, which are usually shown in the form of numbers and graphs. These data allow us to measure its efficiency and perfect its weak points. In the same way, you can know how much you capture the interest of users towards your website and brand through certain engagement metrics .

This metric is the one that

CTR Click-through rate refers to the number of times your website is accessed from search engine results . If your site has high impressions (appearance in search engines) but low click-through rate, it means that users are not engaging with your page. bounce rate This metric tells us the number of times a person accessed your web. Page and then returned to the previous search results. This metric can tell us that those who access our web page did not find what they. Were looking for on it and are looking for it elsewhere. session duration Do you know how long user visits to your site last on average? gets you out of doubt. If those who come to your page spend a considerable time on it, it means that something caught their attention. On the contrary, if the time they last is short, it implies that they quickly lose interest.


Conversions are the palpable

Pages per session Your website is made up of many pages that offer different information about you and your brand. How often do users visit it? if a person decides to dig deeper into the various sections of your page. It indicates that he likes what he sees; this is a good sign for attracting new leads. conversion path How many people. Who visit your page are willing to fill out the form on your landing page and subscribe, for example, to your newsletter? Result of how good and unique your content is . If you’re not converting, then the previous metrics might show you why. How to improve engagement through metrics improve engagement.

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