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There is no doubt that this is a tool of considerable depth and it will certainly be enjoyable to explore it in depth. Bottom line, there are quite a few things to know about this tool and a lot to tell. It is not certain that we will be able to list everything in one article, but we will certainly make the effort for you. We promise to publish additional conclusions and uses later. In this article, we will introduce the attribution tool, explain how to set it up and what its uses are. So go ahead, let’s get to know the attribution tool and learn how to set it up . Facebook attribution tool.

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Where did a surfer come from, what device did he or she Tunisia Phone Number List surf on and perhaps several devices, did they come as a result of organic or sponsore traffic and more. If the name Atlas sounds familiar to you, then you are right. Atlas provide extensive information to major brands about the platform and the device (browsing). Today, Atlas has change its purpose and it has become Facebook’s attribution tool and every advertiser throughout the Facebook social network can use it. The attribution tool provides information beyond what happens on Facebook itself (the source of traffic referrals and your advertising efforts that are not necessarily relate to Facebook.

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The tool gives advertisers the ability to understand the impact of the CG Leads content on your website and your ads across all channels, devices and publishers (publishers). Are you convince? Want to configure the tool? forward. Navigate to your Business Manager and you can see the tool in the top menu as well.  The first time you connect to the reference tool, you will see the following. Who are you? First, let’s try to simplify what the attribution tool means and to do it in the simplest way we will define it like this. The attribution tool wants to check and find out to you how a conversion was create on your website.

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