How to Use Zoom for Content Marketing

One of the queen applications of this time of global confinement is zoom. This tool has been very useful in every way. And your brand can take advantage of the best of it. Surely it’s your time to use it! So if you have doubts about how to use zoom for content marketing, you should keep reading. I must admit that the first time i used zoom, i thought it was a nice platform for a video conference. But i didn’t understand why it has become so popular. Then i discovered the great potential that all the tools offered by this app hide, and i was impressed. And it is that much has been said about this video call application. Some praise its benefits, others reject it for its weaknesses. But in this post you will have an overview of zoom.

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In the end you decide! Tom fishburne what is zoom? Zoom is a video calling app that has been around since 2011. In this time of confinement, the app has Ivory Coast Phone Number List become popular for its ability to host video conferences of up to 100 people. In addition, the tools of your system make online classes and webinars very friendly . Zoom brings together a number of features that position it as direct competition for whatsapp video calls, and even for skype. But how to use zoom? If you are one of those who uses your mobile for everything, then you will have to go to the ios or android store, download the application. Configure it and start enjoying the benefits of its videoconferences.

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If, on the other hand, you are from the team that prefers to use your computer, you must enter the zoom website, register and that’s it . To improve your CG Leads experience from the pc.  You download the application for windows, or for mac. Zoom has many features after you are registered on the zoom platform. You can begin to discover more about the app, and its features: when you start a “meeting” in zoom (this is how videoconferences are called by the app) you have the possibility to edit the title. Description, duration, password to enter ; as well as the video and audio of each participant of the same. You have the possibility to schedule a meeting. With a specific date and time chat to run simultaneously with the videoconference.

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