How to Use an Erp to Improve Your Sales?

An ERP can be a differential to boost your company’s sales. Do you want to understand how it works? We explain everything in this post! Answer quickly: would you accept getting on a plane without a control panel, piloted only based on the pilot’s experience? Of course not. And this is because, without data, it is simply impossible to be successful in any job. Well, the same thing happens with your company, especially in relation to your effort to drive sales. The truth is that, in the era of digital business, it is not possible to be competitive by working with different systems for the area of ​​people management, legal and stock. Have you already thought that the financial department, for example, has activities closely connected to the accounting department? Therefore, integration is essential. 

How Can an Erp Boost a Company’s Sales?


People who work with sales know it very well: the speed of response is essential to close good deals. The speed to check data, negotiate and issue orders requires that sellers are in permanent contact with managers and commercial directors. And this becomes even more complex when the phone numbers in iceland team’s performance involves external work. So know it: agility is the first effect of an ERP. Another complicated issue in the day-to-day of the sales team is understanding how to define the maximum margin of negotiation. Obviously, there is no way for the professional to call the company all the time, repeatedly requesting authorizations to grant discounts. The good news is that, with an ERP, even this limit can be set in parameters in the system, avoiding sales below the minimum limit required by the organization.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Implementing an Erp?

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Costs reduction first, it seems antagonistic to announce an expense with an ERP as an economic measure, right? But you’ll understand the logic now, remembering that investing in IT, when done right, has one of the highest ROIs in the market. It’s already starting to make sense, right? With an ERP to boost sales, your sales representatives will no longer need CG Leads catalogs, since the entire company portfolio will be at their fingertips, on their smartphones. Mobility is one of the great advantages of modern ERPs.Outside sales management can be monitored in real time, increasing productivity. Not to mention the indicators.

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