How to use Meitu Xiuxiu to make puzzles easily, it’s so beautiful!

Do you want to make puzzles to express your mood do you want to make puzzles to tell a story do you want to make puzzles and become a fashion blogger then grab your photo and make your beautiful puzzle with meitu xiuxiu. Make a classic photo stitch in just a few steps. Image ng meitu xiuxiu puzzle function 1. Open a blank canvas in meitu and set a custom size 600 x 1500 pixels. 2. Click collage on the top toolbar and choose your layout. 3. Add your image and customize its appearance. 4. Download and share to social sites or print. Want something to see straight from your camera roll try our puzzle templates.


Make a puzzle in 4 quick steps

Open a blank canvas in meitu the standard jewelry retouch service size is 2 x 6 inches, or 600 x 1500 pixels. If youre looking for a different size and need help with the math, check out our conversion chart. To start your design, open a blank canvas and use the size box in the upper right corner to set a custom size. Click to make if you want to change the background color, click background colors in the left tab menu. Choose from solid or gradient swatches. The easiest way to make photo strips from scratch is to use our collage tool. Just click collages on the top toolbar and choose a layout. Our collage layout makes it flexible, meaning you can quickly drag and resize cells, as well as delete cells to get the exact layout you want.

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Choose a collage layout

Add images and customize your design click the photos CG Leads and videos tab to add your images. If you need anything to complement what you already have, check out our image gallery. Select and drag an image from the left panel to place it in place. Repeat, adjusting the position of the photos in turn. Customize borders with spacing and rounded corner sliders. Technically, youre done, but meitu has suggested photo effects to try. If youre looking for a nostalgic effect, try black and white, positive film, dusk, daguerreotype, sepia, polaroid, or time machine. Anything will add a little vintage vibe to your final design.

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