How to replace the background of a photo sky

A bland sky will make your otherwise stunning photos look bland. Add some snack add a sky backdrop to your photos with these shooting and editing tips using meitu xiuxius tools. 1. Find the right sky the first way to get a beautiful sky is to photograph the best parts of it—that means the most colorful, welllit areas, and maybe some interesting clouds. Side lighting is usually a good choice, so turn it 90 degrees from the sun. If its cloudy or just out of color, like this photo, you can still make a great photo with a few editing skills. Adjusting the color temperature by adding warm reds and yellows or adding cooler blues and greens changes the overall feel of the photo.


Enhance the colors in your photos

Swipe up on saturation to make the color richer. Heres photo retouching service how to do it in meitu. 3. Edit photo color and saturation 1. Open your photo in meitu. 2. In the basic editing tab, click color. This is a photo of a sunset, so it should be warm and colorful. 3. Adjust the temperature slider to warm the whole picture, and use the saturation slider to slightly increase the saturation. Aim for muted shades similar to cantaloupe, rather than bright orange. 4. Click apply. You can find burning tools in the advanced editing group accessed in the editing tab. Darken is used to darken specific areas. photo retouching service

Use Burn to darken the tone of your photo

L if you make a point too dark, click the eraser to remove CG Leads some effects. Lclick apply. 5. Brighten the area the dodge tool is also in the advanced editing group. You can think of it as the opposite of burn. Low is dark, high is bright, middle is midtone l dodge is used to illuminate an area, so in this case low applies the least effect high will paint brighter. L lightly illuminate the darkest areas of the cloud. L you will apply color to these areas in the next step, lightening them now will make the color easier to see.

Lwhen done, click apply again. Sixth, the color is perfect in the effects tab on the left, find the tint effect under the paint box group. The side of the clouds facing away from the setting sun should be cooler bluer and more purple than the side facing the sun. Well use a tint effect to enhance the dark side of the cloud you just lit above by painting on some soft purple or pink.

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