How to Reject Negative Backlinks and Improve the Results of Your Blog?

If you work with SEO, you’ve probably heard about the importance of backlinks, right? But in this post I am going to teach you how to remove backlinks! Does it seem weird to you? It happens that there are negative backlinks that can harm your site. Do you want to understand more? Then read on! External backlinks are excellent for the ranking of any page, surely you already know that. Who works with SEO and does not want to receive backlinks, right? There are even professionals dedicated to acquiring new backlinks to sites and blogs, did you know? But it is important to note that backlinks are good as long as they are of quality and relevant. Links are not always a sea of ​​roses: we know that there are untrustworthy domains and that is why it is necessary to take some actions to prevent your work from being harmed.

The Importance of Backlinks

Ever since I was a kid in digital marketing, I remember very well hearing. My grandmother talk about how no content marketing strategy. Leaves the spot without backlinks, and at one point she was right. But why? For the fact that search engines value a page that receives. Quality backlinks. Think of the following analogy: a session at the. Public library where the subject is digital marketing, marketing and management. Which are correlated to real estate agent mailing list some extent — and there are 200 books there. Of that total, about 150 cite philip kotler as a reference on matters. Related to marketing. Thus, the fact that kotler has published. Books on the subject of marketing and that other authors have cited. His works as a reference, caused him to be treated as a reference in the matter. Could you understand the relationship here?

How Low Relevance Links Affect Your SEO

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The marketing professional does not live on quality links alone. The fact is that you don’t choose who points a link for you: people can simply link to your site whenever they see fit. In some of these cases, it can be negative SEO, which is when someone intentionally points to suspicious and low-quality links so that your site is affected by them and even penalized. Therefore, rejecting links is not a simple marketing action, but something strategic that CG Leads everyone responsible for the marketing of the site must pay attention to. It is important to know that there are different types of backlinks: Link juice : also called link equity, it means the authority transmitted from one page to another through a link in the content.

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