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Ask happy customers to leave positive feedback. It’s good if the client doesn’t just give five stars. But writes an extended review – shares his impressions, gives advice to other users. And tells the details of cooperation with the brand. Keep track of the ratio of positive and negative reviews. It is desirable that for every 100 high ratings there are about 10 moderate ones. Extremely positive reviews, oddly enough, reduce user confidence and seem fake. You can read more about how to collect positive reviews in our article Where and how to collect customer reviews . It is impossible to completely prevent the appearance of negativity. Even the most delicious food, a quality pair of shoes, helpful service and friendly service can subjectively not be liked.

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It is important to analyze the causes of dissatisfaction, and if they are of the same type and permanent, eliminate them. This is the only way to reduce or even avoid the proliferation of a scandal, like a snowball, from an insignificant trifle. conclusions Denmark Cell Phone Number List  Negative reviews about companies are just as important as positive ones. They help the business to monitor the quality of goods and the level of service, constantly improve the product, and eliminate emerging problems in a timely manner. For business, systematic work with the negative is important: tracking and processing.


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There are special services for monitoring brand mentions on the network – free, for example, Google Alerts , and paid ones. The easier it is to leave a review, the higher the likelihood that users will agree to do so. One way to simplify the feedback process is to automate the collection of feedback using the Ringostat API and Webhook . By developing a special section with reviews on its own website or social network page, the company can control and moderate feedback from customers. As a rule, dissatisfied customers first go to complain directly. The company must give an official response to every negative review. But the form and content of the response depend on the type of negativity – constructive criticism, emotional feedback, trolling and provocation, black PR.

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