How to Make People Trust Your Brand? 8 Tips to Establish Trust and Credibility for Your Company

The credibility of your brand is what makes people trust your company. Understand how to build that credibility, attract and retain your customers and generate a lasting relationship, creating advocates for your brand. Lessons from the 9 most valuable Colombian brands. Have you heard anything about the attention economy yet? Never before has there been so much talk about this topic, largely due to the rise of content as one of the main marketing and sales tools today. If the content is not relevant and interesting to the point of retaining attention, it will have little or no impact in convincing the audience to take action. But, thinking a little further, it is not an exaggeration to say that we are in the economy of trust.

The Importance of Trust for the Success of a Brand

There are many companies that have been in the market for years (or even decades), with a bad reputation, both on social networks and in people’s conversations. This perhaps raises the question: will it be so important to establish trust in the market to be successful? The answer is yes”. It is true that some niche markets are still “locked in” by companies that have not adapted to the real estate agent database list standards of the modern consumer, but that does not mean that they are an example to follow, nor that they will continue unscathed forever. There are at least 2 factors that prove the direct relationship between winning the trust of customers with the success of a business.

The Key to Lasting Relationships

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Think of any long-term relationships that we tend to have with other people, such as a strong friendship or a marriage. One of the pillars of relationships that last a long time is trust. The same principle applies in a business relationship. Companies are understanding, more and more, the value of retaining customers instead of selling on time. What is the key to keeping the CG Leads customer for a long time? Exactly: trust! The better the perception of customers about a company, the less likely they are to look for another option in the market to meet their needs. But the opposite is also true. If there is no trust, the customer will not think twice about exchanging your products or services for a competitor that seems more reliable and competent.

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