How to Make Money on Instagram: a Complete Guide on the Matter!

Increasingly, Instagram has stopped being just an application to share photos and videos to become a business tool. Therefore, do not miss this post to find out how to earn money on this social network! October 6, 2010. It was a Wednesday like any other when they launched a new application for iPhone.The application allowed me to take photos, add some filters and share the images with friends. A simple thing. A month later, in November, its creators achieved 20 million dollars in investments.  In December, 1 million people already used the new sensation of the App Store. In April 2012, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had bought Instagram for $1 billion. 

Why Invest in Instagram as a Business Channel?

It wasn’t just the initial Instagram results that were impressive. The network’s current numbers show that it is among the top channels today. Find out why it is (and much) worth investing in Instagram as a business tool and channel: Over a billion active users every month; Of this number, 500 million people use the app every day around the world; No less than 400 million accounts use Stories every day;80% of accounts follow at least 1 company. Do you Pastor email list know what this data proves about the network? First, it is among the main social networks in the world, surpassing Twitter and LinkedIn, for example. Second, Instagram is not only big in size, but also in usage and interactions between users. In other words, people love to interact and consume content on that platform. 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram?

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It is common to set expectations high when it comes to being successful and making money online. The digital market is full of impressive success stories, with very high numbers. So what comes to mind when you think of making money on Instagram?”I need a lot of followers.”But this is not CG Leads always the case, the number of followers you need will also depend on the market segment. If you operate in an area with few influencers, you can stand out without having such a large audience, on the other hand, if your industry is full of authorities, the chances of getting interactions with a few thousand followers are much less.

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