How to make the most beautiful ID photo, how can I be so beautiful!

How to make id photos dont have photoshop you can use meitu xiuxiu to make id photos if you want a oneinch id photo for your resume, student id, or other occasions, but dont have the time and money to shoot in a photo studio thankfully, you can use meitu to make your own one inch id photo without being a graphic designer. In this article, I will teach you how to make a one inch id photo with meitu xiuxiu. Before creating a oneinch id photo, you may have to remove the background from the original image. Try meitu xiuxius oneclick cutout function meitu xiuxiu supports smart matting and can intelligently identify 19 types of commodities, seals, portraits, food, industrial products, etc.


How to remove the background from a photo

For portrait hair, it can also be refined accurately, and you e-commerce photo editing can easily cut out the part you want, which greatly saves your time. If you want to cut out pictures quickly, try meitu xiuxius smart cutout mode, and you will get satisfactory results. You can also click the edit button to replace the background with your own custom background or color. 2. How to make a oneinch id photo in meitu xiuxiu 1. Click on meitu xiuxiu id photo function image ng meitu xiuxiu interface log in to the official website of meitu xiuxiu and select the id photo function. 2. Upload photos image. Pngimage. Png upload the picture you want to make into your id photo 3. Choose the size image.

e-commerce photo editing

How to make a one-inch ID photo in Meitu Xiuxiu

Png select size in the toolbar on the left, select the CG Leads size of the id photo you want, such as the commonly used oneinch, twoinch and other sizes. If you dont know what size to make, you can also choose the occasion you want to apply in the size template, such as academic examinations, vocational qualifications, financial accounting, etc., to meet the needs of multiple industries. 4. Download image ng download id photo after you have modified the id photo , click download, select the format of the download, determine the size, pixel, resolution, etc. Of the download, and your own id photo will be ready. After that, If you are not satisfied with your makeup, thats ok, the ultraclear beauty function can help you restore your beauty quickly, come and try it and make the most beautiful id photos .

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