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Divide the audience into groups by status: parents, couples with or without children. Activity. Depending on the position of your recipient, choose a communication style and persuasion leverage. Season. Consider seasonality in your campaigns. For example, if you have a travel business, then seasonal segmentation is important. In winter, invite to a ski resort, and in summer, offer to bask on sandy beaches by the sea. Prescription. Lead potential customers smoothly to purchase. Introduce them to the range, the company. But for the current ones, offer to buy a product, become a member of the loyalty program. Site behavior. Depending on the user’s action, send different emails.

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For example, send a welcome message to those who have just subscribed. Reminder about a forgotten item in the cart – for those who have not completed the purchase. Funnel stages. Based on the path of the client, divide the database into segments. Potential customers are those Hong Kong Phone Numbers List who have started interacting with the company. They are already studying the offer, getting to know you and deciding to buy or not. New – those who once used your product or service. Regulars are those who regularly buy your product. Departing customers – this segment has stopped opening letters, ordering services, but they can still be returned.


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Lost customers – those who could not be reactivated, or they unsubscribed from the mailing list. 4. Base collection methods Regardless of whether you have a base or not, you need to regularly update the list with new addresses. You can get personal information if you give something useful in return, such as: discount on the first order; checklist, guide, e-book, instruction; product test drive; gift for the first order; gift for the first order free shipping; unlimited promotional code; fresh news, interesting stories, useful tips in a convenient format. fresh news, interesting stories, useful tips in a convenient format Consider also where and what form will be placed: built-in form in the footer on each page; built-in form on the main blog and on the page with articles; pop-up on all pages.

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