How to Interpret Consumer Behavior?

Consumer behavior has changed a lot due to the Internet. In this post, you will learn what it is like and what influences current consumer behavior. You have had an innovative business idea. You have managed to obtain all the necessary resources to invest in it. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, after much effort, has come true and now it’s time to open the doors to the public and start selling. But… will it be that simple? It is true that you have overcome too many challenges to get here, however, “opening the doors” may not be enough to start your business, increase your sales and turn them into palpable income. You may have created the best product or service in the world, but if you don’t know consumer behavior, you will hardly achieve success.

What is Consumer Behavior?

Free and easy access to information in the Internet age has changed the way we consume. We have powerful search engines in our hands, working at full steam to offer us exactly what we buy philippines phone number are looking for. Algorithms analyze our preferences and needs to impact us with relevant ads. Companies are present in social networks, enabling interaction between brand and consumer. Online shopping is becoming more and more common thanks to the expansion of e-commerce …And so I could go on with many more examples, but the fact is that the digital world has revolutionized consumption, and now it is up to companies to understand what impact this has on the behavior of today’s buyer .

The Current Consumer Buying Process

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The purchase process, or as we call it in Marketing, the customer’s journey, is the path that a consumer travels until they reach the decision to purchase a product or service. The purchase is not an isolated event, but rather an action that happens after going through various stages. We can define them in 4 main ones:1. Learning and discovery. At this stage, the consumer is interested in a topic, however, they do not yet know that they have a problem or need. Let’s see an example: MarĂ­a is a freelance designer and frequently consumes online content related to CG Leads the work routine of self-employed professionals. One of these contents is about the organization of finances and, although Maria does not yet recognize the need to organize her income, the subject arouses her curiosity.

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