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As soon as the issue is resolve, notify the client and ask him to remove the negative review. And, of course, if such situations arise periodically, take measures to solve the problem. How to respond to negative reviews Advice. In especially difficult, critical situations – respond to negative reviews not on behalf of the brand, but on behalf of a company representative – through a personal profile. Such a step will increase the client’s confidence, he will highly appreciate the courage and honesty of an official who does not “hide” behind the logo, but is ready to communicate directly. Most likely, the offend client will meet the company halfway and agree to peacefully resolve the conflict.

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Emotions Even the most valuable product and proactive service is no guarantee that some irritate or tire customer won’t want to blow off some steam over the slightest thing. Such reviews have a distinctive property – they are almost not Brazil Mobile Number List supporte by facts, but mix feelings – “overflow”. It is necessary to respond to emotional feedback, again, in the appropriate tone – sincerely, attentively, sensitively. Too dry, constructive response may hurt the client, seem indifferent or even malevolent. You need to greet the client, express gratitude for the attentiveness, for helping the company notice problems and “become better”. Ask what happen. If the reason for dissatisfaction becomes clear.

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You need to apologize and voice the procedure for solving the problem. If the user cannot name a specific problem, show, as far as possible, tolerance, care and attention. Say that you are always ready to help. Promise that you will try to prevent such troubles and ask to remove the negative review. Emotional feedback is often subjective. And this means that the “shortcomings” that the user complains about can in some cases be presente as advantages. For example, the slowness of the staff is cause by thoroughness and attentiveness, the desire to serve the client as best as possible. Remember: when responding to an emotional review, you are addressing not so much the author as to all other users who can read it – your former, current, future customers.

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