How To Find Out How Many Calls Were Answered In The Project

By itself, this indicator means little, because there can be a lot of requests, and the target ones are at least. That is, some call will be from a spammer, another one will be repeate, and the third one will be from a regular client. And if you evaluate just the total number of calls, you can mistakenly assume that all these are leads. Goals for calls in Google Analytics Set targets for call categories that are important to you. In the left menu, go to the “Administrator” section, in the “Views” column, select the “Goals” line, and then click on the “+ Goal” button. Setting goals for important call categories in Google.

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Analytics After that, you need to follow the prompts of the system: select the “Special target” with the type “Event” and specify its name. How to select and set a “Special Purpose” Then you will need to specify the label that you need. If you want Qatar Mobile Number List to monitor calls to static numbers, the settings look like this: If you need to know how many calls were answer, it is given like this: To track target calls, you need to specify the following parameters: Settings for tracking target calls Lost calls will show the following settings: Settings for tracking lost calls We describe the settings in more detail in the Knowledge Base, in the article “Setting Goals for Calls in Google Analytics.

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It is also useful to track unique first calls, that is, the first calls from a specific number. This helps to calculate how many customers the campaign brought. And to understand whether the callback form works, you can see the number of calls through it. 2. Make sure that statistics for all running projects are pull up in the Call Log When you get a job at an agency and manage client projects, you get a list of them on the first working day. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the form of missing data over time, you should immediately check which reports you nee and whether everything is collect correctly.

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