How to Double the Conversion Rate of an Affiliate Post

Below, you will learn effective methods to double the conversion rate of your affiliate posts that you can start applying today. Everybody talks about affiliate marketing, but at the moment there are few who can turn this into a truly scalable business. In fact, while the combined money moved is over $700 million on the Awin platform alone, nearly half of affiliates actually make less than $20,000 a year, according to Job2Joy. That is why I have given myself the task of compiling the best data-driven methods to boost conversion rates when it comes to affiliate marketing. Although most will sound like marketer clichés, I will take care to cite data to support each strategy. How to double the conversion rate of an affiliate post1. Do a user experience test. The best trick of all: know if you are satisfying users or not.

2. Do Not Bore With Your Reviews

You’ve probably seen that most publishers create huge reviews that look like the boring biography of a cranky politician. The problem is that bloggers think that UX work is only for apps and their defense is « I write posts, there is no way to improve the experience in this «. The average user leaves a page within 20 seconds, according to the consultancy Nielsen NG. In the Denmark phone number case of text content. he only usually reads 28% of the total. From the beginning our team understood that for the average user, a very long post is an ordeal, so we did the following: We began to use not only subtitles and bold to make a post more visually attractive, but also bullet points, emojis, icons (discarding large images), quotes and notes. Simple elements that can make a difference.

3. Solve Doubts Quickly

Denmark phone number

Unlike content that doesn’t have the goal of ending in a sale, here you are dealing with potential customers. Is that supposed to be what you’re looking for? The problem of many bloggers is to launch super long content (which they think is useful because it is long) and leave the user with more doubts than they had at the beginning. Hubspot found that users expect responses in less than CG Leads 10 minutes. Specifically, 62% of those have doubts before buying. The worst thing is that bloggers have the typical response ” that’s why I put a comment box or a FAQ in case you have questions”An interesting fact is that Forrester found that a live chat can increase the conversion rate of a website by up to 40%.

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