How to double exposure photos, the effect is also very good!

Quick steps on how to make a double exposure image 1. Open a photo in meitu and go to the textures tab. 2. Select a texture or open your own and adjust the fade, saturation and blending modes until you like how the two images look on the canvas. 3. To adjust the translucency of the texture, use the paint palette set the brush strength to around 50, then erase the parts of the original image that you want to be sharper. At its most basic, a double exposure is two images on top of each other so you can see both at the same time. In practice, double exposure covers an amazing range of styles and techniques, and while we dont have time to cover all of them, well show you some of our favorites.


Basic double exposure

A simple and easy way to get a nice double exposure is to photo background removing apply a slightly transparent After that, texture over the entire image. Youll recognize this technique from the first part of our doubleexposure video. Erase the texture from the parts of the original image you want to come through clearly and voila manmade. After that, Image. Png apply double exposure to enhance photo texture image. Png apply double exposure to enhance photo texture image. Png double exposure effect if youre interested in taking your double exposure to the next level, one of the most popular styles weve seen is to use one person as the base image and a second photo to fill in their outlines.

photo background removing

Display the renderings of double exposure

Artistic and beautiful, this is a great way to turn CG Leads your selfies from tasteful to taste maker. Image. Png show results pro tip to get the beautiful look typical of this double exposure, start with an. Image that is as close to the outline as possible. Then try changing the textures blend mode to lighten or screen. 4. Use double exposure to tell a story or create a mood image. Png using double exposure to tell a story because doubleexposure shots can create an instant association between two images, they can be powerful tools for building a story or mood. For example, look at the sense of memory that the image above evokes. Image. Png or the creepy eccentric beauty of this photo image. Png doubleexposure photos can highlight your love for artists 5. Create fantastic visual effects with double exposure image. Png fantastic visual effects image.

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