How to Do Native Advertising: a Basic Step by Step of 3 Points

Native advertising is that strategy that goes hand in hand with content marketing, what is sought is to attract people, generate engagement and give the brand greater visibility in digital media. The main difference with content marketing is that native advertising will always carry an ad tag, or at least, it will be considered as such because of the payment that you will have to make for its appearance, in order to achieve a certain objective. , that you create the indicated one, by means of that valuable content. The great benefit of this advertising is that it can give you an alternative, and not be that, sometimes annoying, AdWords ad at the beginning of a YouTube video. and adapt to the channel where you promote it, through different formats that make your message less invasive content.

Some Tips Before You Start

It is normal to confuse native advertising with the content marketing. Strategy, although its purpose is the same, when you put .It into practice you will notice that they are not executed. In the same way, here are some tips that will help you understand. How to start working with this type of contents. To the point: these offers do not skimp or hide Jordan number list their intention. You will always see them as an advertisement, sponsored. Link or advertising, that is, the reader will identify why this. Type of content is within the platform they are using. It offers a solution: being related to the type. Of content where it is published, this type of advertising seeks. To complement, inform more or educate the person on a certain issue of interest.

Step by Step to Create Native Advertising

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After having told you some tips about native advertising, how about putting it into practice? We have prepared the following step by steps for you to achieve success at work with this type of strategy.1. Identity your personal this I mean that it is not only important that you know your target audience but also identify your person. What is this person about? It is CG Leads nothing more than the personification of a certain client of yours, that client who meets a certain profile that you would like to reach through native advertising, knowing their problems, challenges, and needs will be key to taking you to the next step. And do not forget to also identify what channels or media this person uses for their information consumption.

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