How to Convert Blog Visitors Into Customers of Your Virtual Store?

How to make your virtual store lucrative and get your visitors interested and become real customers? In this post, you will understand which paths you can lead your visitors towards a purchase decision. what is customer orientation. Working exclusively with content marketing strategies for e-commerce for the last year, I have frequently received the following question: Gabriela, of the people who visit my content, how many actually become customers? That is, what is the conversion rate of blog visitors into customers? This is a complex question. After all, the answer depends on the strategy of each virtual store, the type of business, the sales funnel, the way you guide your visitor through the content and how you generate enough trust to make a purchase.

What Do Virtual and Physical Stores Have in Common?

Let’s think of two scenarios together. I’ll give you the options and at the end I want you to answer which store probably has a higher number of sales at the end of the month:1. The Buen Precio store is located on a little frequented street. Not many people pass through the door of the store, and when someone finally enters, the salesperson is not very well prepared to virtual phone number egypt attend, does not know how to answer questions, is not very attentive and does not know how to indicate the best product for the customer.2. The Hay de Todo store is on the busiest street in the city and also has a team of highly trained salespeople. When someone walks into the store, sales associates are there to help, give product advice, share other people’s experiences, and escort the customer to the cashier to complete the purchase.

How to Build Your Store Network on Google?

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Think of Google as a city. The busiest streets are the keywords with the highest search volume, and the best-sellers are the content that most helps the customer at the time of their purchase. For Google, the currency of exchange is knowledge. The most expensive land must be occupied by those who have the best information on a given subject. This means that at all times CG Leads you must ask yourself if the page of your website is meaningfully answering the question of a potential consumer. That is to say if your website does not occupy good positions in search engines, it has content that does not educate your buyer persona, it has few paths for the visitor to follow (it does not have links or banners on the pages of the site) and it is confusing. , your sales force still has a lot to improve, right?

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