How to Apply Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to Your Company

Simon Sinek is a reference for entrepreneurs around the world, inspiring leaders to focus on the purpose of their companies and their lives. Sinek has already written several books and is the originator of the concept of the Golden Circle. Understand more! ted talks business. Digital Marketing actions require a lot of planning and a strategic, thoughtful mindset. To meet this goal, asking questions is a very useful and precise resource. Bearing this in mind, Simon Sinek is one of the most relevant authors for professionals in this area. The English writer gained notoriety mainly after his 2009 TED Talk – one of the most watched talks to date, entitled ” How great leaders inspire action ” – or ” How great leaders inspire action “.He is the author of bestsellers such as “Start With Why” and “Find Your Why.”

What is the Golden Circle?

The Golden Circle is a model that Simon Sinek has created to explain where the difference lies between inspiring leaders and organizations that generate loyalty and create true movements. Simple, yet powerful reasoning is symbolized with 3 circles: the first is larger and represents the “ what ”; the second is smaller and is inside the first, representing the “ how ”; and the how to get ceo email address third is even smaller and is inside the second, representing the “ why ”. In the business context, this shows that most or all companies know how to define the “what” with ease: the products they sell, the services they offer, the industry to which they belong and its competitors. The number of businesses that understand the “how” is less, since this implies, among other factors, the original factors of the business and well-defined processes.

What is the Utility of the Golden Circle in Sales?

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Following Simon Sinek’s proposal to start with the “why”, it is interesting that you incorporate this idea to use whenever you seek to establish contact with a new client – be it online or offline. By making it clear why the business exists and then talking about the solutions it offers, the chances of creating empathy with consumers are much greater. Thus, what happens is CG Leads a connection with people’s feelings and trust, facilitating the creation of even closer ties. One of the most favorable consequences of this approach is customer loyalty. If they really identify with the cause of your company, they will find in your products and services a form of expression that they probably won’t have with your competitors.

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