How to Announce Giveaway Winners on Social Media

Sweepstakes on social networks are very common, surely you have come across one, participated or even won a prize. Actually, many brands use it to achieve more visibility, conquer new followers and increase their business opportunities — and they succeed! But make no mistake, creating them requires strategic planning, even to disclose the winners of giveaways there is a lot to think about. If you are interested in knowing how to carry out a giveaway on social networks, continue reading this post. When selecting the product to be raffled off, you should also think strategically. If you have a women’s clothing store and you raffle an iPhone, it is very likely that the repercussion.

How to Plan a Giveaway?

If you want to get immediate results, increase your number. Of followers and promote your brand, the giveaway on. Social networks will be very useful for you. But for it to work in the best possible way, it is essential that you. Consider some factors. The public is always willing to follow. Some simple rules to compete for a prize, so it is important. That Philippines phone number you think of a regulation that really benefits your business. Does the participant have to follow the page, mention. A friend, comment on the publication, share it, answer a question. Use a hashtag? To define those rules, take into account. Aspects such as the increase in your visibility, the satisfaction. Of the public and your roi — the return on investment. That you will have with the contest.

How to Draw the Winners?

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On the Internet, you can find a series of tools to help you choose sweepstake winners in a random, simple and transparent way. Here I have separated some for you: Comment Picker : Allows a user to CG Leads be drawn among all those who have commented on a post. It works for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Fanpage Karma: Draws the winner through different criteria that you can choose, such as a random comment, the user who has received the most likes on their comment, someone who has commented and liked the publication, a winner according to your reaction and more.

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