How to Analyze the Traffic Dynamics of an Online Store

The traffic of an online store refers to the visits that a web page receives in a given period of time. The traffic of an online store refers to the visits that a web page receives in a given period of time. But seeing how many visits an online store has had this month is not enough for these visits to increase in number. You have to analyze the dynamics of this website’s traffic in order to find out what influences its conversion. How? In this article I tell you. How to see visits to a website. Perhaps the number of visits does not matter much to you when you already have a well-known and established brand in the market. Although there is one thing I can tell you, and that is that each brand always has a path to grow, no matter how good it is.

How Can We Find These “best” Publications?

With the help of tools like buzzsumo: with buzzsumo you can see. The shares of facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. Serpstat’s “Top pages” report can also be of great help. This report shows how many times each url has been shared on facebook and linkedin. As well as the number of keywords it ranks for on google. Paid searches this is another type of traffic channel, only here you have. To phillipine phone number invest not only time but also money. This is called ppc — pay per click. And it refers to advertisers in google ads or facebook ads who pay to advertise. On search engines, social networks, etc. You can always start creating. Your campaigns in google ads, but before doing so, I recommend you. Analyze the ppc strategy of your competition.

Seasonality of the Demand for a Product

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Of course we are not going to forget to analyze the demand for a product. We have to take into account the seasonality to be prepared for the increase in demand and its fall. If our store has more products for the summer, we will lose a lot of traffic in other seasons of the year. For example, with the help of Google Trends, we can do two searches, one related to summer, the other to CG Leads winter. As we can see, “swimsuits” have more searches in summer, and “caps” in winter. This also happens with many products and you have to know when their peak is, in order to satisfy each customer and create effective marketing campaigns.VisibilityFinally, I’m going to analyze the web page visibility metric, which shows us the share that our domain occupies in the search results. 

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