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Email newsletters are not a magic pill. They will bring a full result in combination with other tools. Strengthen and complement email marketing with different communication channels. Are you just getting started with mailing lists? The article “How to warm up customers with email newsletters” will come in handy . Ringo stat for marketers Prove to the management that the advertising you set up is effective — show the call tracking and end-to-end analytics reports. Learn how to make your campaigns even more effective – analyze what potential customers are asking and what to add to your ads. Control how the sales team processes the leads you bring in – listen to audio recordings of calls and see reports of missed calls.

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Get more value for the same budget — find out which campaigns are not working and turn them off or optimize them, and invest the freed money in the most  successful activities. Ringo  stat for marketers Learn more Steps to Create a Strategy 1. Audit of the France Mobile Number List current situation At this stage, it is worth eliminating errors, finding growth points and improving working methods. Notice a few things. Posting efficiency. Do an audit of all types of emails. Look at their deliverability, Open Rate, Click Rate, conversion. That way you will know how to move on. Status and quality of the contact database. If there is no base, consider ways to collect it, if there is, determine the segmentation criteria.


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You can read about the methods of collecting the base in the article . Client entry points. See how the user gets into the database, and what percentage of the conversion of your lead magnets. Types of letters. Analyze what types of mailings you already send to customers: triggered, bulk or transactional. Perhaps you have multiple segments that receive different messages. Content and layout of emails. Pay attention to how you communicate with subscribers. Does the writing style match the portrait of your target audience. Check the layout too. It will be mandatory to have Alt for images, links under images, a prominent call to action button, etc. Do an audit of your email topics.

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