How Many Words Should the Ideal Post Have?

Although a constant phrase for lovers of content marketing is “quality before quantity. Another of equal popularity is “seo is essential for content marketing”. Both can be intertwined, however. Among the many rules of positioning in google, an important part is the length of the publications, that is. The number of words that a post has to help it position. Now, even with these “rules”, not everything is black and white. It should be applied depending on the type of publications that your brand makes. Can you imagine every content creator posting the exact same words? No, it must be personalized. If you are one of those who think that the more content you write and publish, the better it will be for you. Then you better take two steps back. Read our recommendations, and rethink your strategy. There will be a solution for everyone.

This is a very common mistake

The right length of a post for seo there are a lot of people who assume that you only need to expel words and, because there are many, the content will simply Norway Phone Number List position. Before asking yourself how much you should write. Make sure that what you write has value and really reports on the subject to be discussed, as long as each word has its intention. It is time to know what the ideal length would be. Some believe that google favors those posts with a size of 2450 words . This with the idea that by writing a comprehensive article with interesting information. It will result in a long ignacio santiago tells us that while the publication frequency is increasing, the articles should be shorter.

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Just like waiting weeks

Although that is not exactly mandatory, but it is a popularly used advice. You can see it from the point of view of the reader, where it is quite tiring to read CG Leads very long posts every day.  For a few words; or, from the point of view of the writer. Where short posts can be ready in much less time, and need less work and research than long ones. It’s all about balance, and the most appropriate format for what you’re trying to say. Whether it’s 100 or 5,000 words. Your words should be valuable, and purposeful. You know, don’t neglect quality.

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