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Then the customer studies the responses and decides who suits him best. The brief will help the customer of the service to understand whether it is worth working with this contractor or whether it is better to continue the search. If a specialist does not ask to fill out a brief at all, this is an alarming bell, because without information about the customer’s business, project features, and KPI data, it is impossible to fine-tune an advertising campaign. If the brief contains only superficial questions, this also raises doubts about the competence of the contractor. Below we provide a complete list of questions that need to be answer before launching contextual advertising .

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The brief is need not only by the customer, but also by the contractor. He sees the answers to questions and understands whether this project is profitable for him, whether he has enough experience and competencies, how many people will be for work. In addition, the brief is a document in which the wishes of the customer, the features Spain Phone Numbers List of the project, and answers to questions are clearly recorded. This will help in the future to avoid misunderstandings like “we agree on one thing, but got another.” Brief questions for contextual advertising We have divide all the questions into several blocks according to the meaning. Customer company information. We advise you to indicate the full name of the organization, a link to the site, a description of the main products, goods, services.

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Customer company details Data on direct competitors . This data will help the contractor to see the performance of other companies’ websites, their traffic, seasonal demand indicators, positions in search results, and advertisements. Peep their tricks and tricks in order to further build up from them. Data about direct competitors Target audience data . In other words, about those who will type the corresponding query in the search and get to your contextual advertising. You need to know the basics about each segment of the target audience: gender and age, region of residence, needs and interests, income level and lifestyle. The more clearly the portrait is made, the more accurately the advertisement will be set up.

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