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In the “Tags Fire” group, running tags will be visible, in the “Tags Not Fire” group, tags that are still waiting to be launche will be visible. Let’s say I want to set up a tag for the “Get Access” button, which is locate in the “header” of the main page of the site. I go to the site and click on the button: Returning to the Tag Manager, you will see that a new subsection has appear in the menu – “Click” and information that the site click on the “Header GA4 Subscription” button: If the click is not record, it means that your site does not record random clicks, but only target ones – with fill in data. This is good. Return to the site and enter any name and postal address in the empty fields, and then click the button again.

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What else happens after the click? Go to the “Variables” subsection. Here you will see that the click has appear among the rest of the variables. For example, I have this “Click classes” – “submit” – a unique class for a particular button. With this class, Google Malaysia Phone Number List Tag Manager can already track clicks in the subscription form. image33 Let’s set up another tag for comparison. For example, clicking on the word “SEO” in the rubricator on the site. Back in the Tag Manager, we see a new section: “Link Click”. In the “Variables” subsection, there is no information “Click classes” – “submit” – after all, we did not click on the button this time.


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Event But there are two other variables: “Click Text” – “SEO”; “Click URL” is a link to a category that opens when you click on the word “SEO”. If I want to track, as an event, a click on a link in the rubricator, then it is with these variables that I need to work further. But since we are only interested in clicking on the subscribe button for now, let’s go back to the “Click classes” – “submit” tag and set up a trigger for it. Setting up a trigger in Tag Manager You need to create a trigger that will fire on every click.

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