How Domino’s Pizza Became a Technology Company

Domino’s is one of the most famous pizzerias in the world, but did you know that it is also a technology company? In this article, we will explain how digital transformation strategies have made Domino’s grow exponentially in recent years. How did a pizza company become one of the biggest examples of digital transformation? Despite not being such a recent story, it strikes me how an incredible business case like this is not yet on the radar of so many executives and entrepreneurs. Even outside the knowledge of large companies restless and eager for clues on how to succeed and grow in such a digital world. What makes this case even more special is not only the expressive impact and results but to imagine that the company emerged from a period -2007 to 2009- of falling sales.

Part 1: The Results

We are going to highlight some of the company’s financial and. Performance results in recent years: share price on the. Stock market: from us$4.97 (2009) to us$277.34 (2018); world’s largest pizza. Company; fast food segment brand that grows the most. In the us; second largest american network; increased market. Share – from 9% of the us pizza market in 2009. To Germany phone number free 15% in 2016 (npd cres inc.). 1. Share valuation. Over the past decade, domino’s share price has appreciated. More than the world’s leading technology companies. Google, apple and facebook. In practical terms, from january 2010 to june 2018. Domino’s (dpz) shares appreciated by 3163%, while. Amazon (amzn) rose by 1240%, google inc (goog) +364% and apple inc. ( aapl) +627%. For those who preferred to buy shares of a pizza. Company than a technology company in 2010. The result was quite satisfactory: and the growth was also. Surprising in relation to the 500 largest companies listed on the stock market.

Part 2: The Business “Domino’s”

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Straightforward and minimalist, Domino’s business is to serve quality food at a competitive price, with easy access to ordering and efficient service, enhanced by technological innovations. In this model, there are 2 main growth/sales drivers:1. Same-store sales2. New Store GrowthMuch of the company’s innovations and corporate initiatives come together to accelerate the growth of both channels. Obviously there is no recipe to CG Leads explain how Domino’s achieved these results. I gathered and organized, after much research and from multiple sources, some actions and strategies of the company in the last years. Before drilling down on Domino’s digital journey, it’s important to keep in mind other developments that corroborate the turnaround. 1. Reinvention of the menu.

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