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This is convenient for users who can directly contact the company representatives with a problem and get a quick response. It is also beneficial for the brand – after all, it is much easier to track and process reviews on your own page than on third-party resources. If the company does not provide users with the opportunity to post reviews in a special section on the Facebook page, they will begin to speak out in the comments under the advertising posts. The study confirms that it is the ease of commenting on Google and Facebook pages that helps brands garner more positive reviews.

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How to respond to an angry comment, how to respond to negative reviews on the Internet, Get an institution card in Google My Business Google Maps is the perfect place to collect and track reviews for small and local businesses. For local cafes, hairdressers, workshops and pastry shops, maintaining a card on the map is perhaps even more important Australia Mobile Number List than pages on social networks. After all, users often look for such establishments nearby, guided by the map: Reviews on Google My Business And before contacting one of the nearby establishments, read the reviews of other users about it: Reviews on Google My Business If your store, salon, service center is on the Google map, each user can rate the product or service. And you, as the owner or representative of the company.

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Will be the first to know if the buyers remain dissatisfied with something, you can personally contact and solve the problem. We described in detail how to create, set up and maintain an institution card on Google Maps in the article “Google My Business Promotion. Creating and setting up an institution card . Automate your feedback collection Automatic feedback collection is a way to constantly “keep your finger on the pulse”, know how satisfied customers are, and if there are already certain problems, do not wait until there are so many medium and low ratings that the company’s rating will drop significantly.

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