How Brands Promote Stay Home

Well, let’s shake off the quarantine. And let’s start with this. Internet these days has really absorbed my time to the fullest. And it is because every moment i find myself with new things to do: courses. Workshops, diplomas, newsletters , digital magazines, comics… With all these strategies to stay home , i’m like a little kid who prefers to see a helium balloon in the air. But something i have noticed is that without a doubt, brands have taken solidarity very seriously in these times. And they have endeavored to provide us with more content than eve. So that we do not have the slightest enthusiasm to leave home. “stay at home” has already become a topic of conversation. In which each brand takes its own initiative. Content, digital marketing and creativity come together again to leave us all. In addition, they motivate the solution of a global problem, in this case, the covid19 pandemic.

Netflix and a good discussion

And this time we will see how some brands have managed so that we do not detach ourselves from our armchairs. What helps people helps business leo burnett Luxembourg Phone Number List strategies for staying home yes. We know that for many it is not easy, but we have a series of options. You just organize your time. The series and movies continue! Friends. Some weekends were based on those. But the confinement due to coronavirus has made these meetings impossible, which we all miss now. But, failing that. We are now presented with the ” netflix party” google extension. Which brings together the attributes of those visits: watch series among friends, but at a distance.

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Watch the same movie in sync

Uncle netflix has wanted to make these days an audiovisual party, and with this extension i think he has succeeded. The initiative is that now you can CG Leads connect with other streaming subscribers.  And participate in group chat with your fellow series members. Side by side mercado libre has joined stay at home through an awareness message that revolutionized its brand image. The ecommerce has decided to carry a direct message and change its logo. Which referred to two hands shaking. well, we already know that the best alternative to stop this global chaos is not to leave our homes.

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