Hello Bar: Guide to Install This Excellent Tool That Captures Emails

The Hello Bar is an important tool for generating leads, thanks to the fact that it enhances the results of a content strategy. Learn how to install it and start using the tool! If you already have a blog, regularly produce content and promote it to your buyer persona on social networks, you must already be wondering: how do I create my first email list and get my first contacts? This is a very common doubt for people and companies that recently started in content marketing, because email is one of the main gateways for building a recurring dialogue with your buyer persona, and most importantly, with people. who really care about your content. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you how to install an excellent email capture tool that will help you get better conversion rates and more subscribers for your blog.

Why is Capturing Emails Important for Your Strategy?

You must have already realized that just publishing the content is not enough to achieve concrete results, right? With your blog generating constant traffic and attracting a good volume of visitors, it is very important to create highly visible capture mechanisms and conversion points, to give people opportunities to register and receive relevant content. And Finnish phone number getting quality recurring traffic, even more from people who are already interested in your content, is very good, agree? But how do we create those conversion points? And above all free? To help you in this process and help you in the evaluation of your digital strategy, we made a very practical tutorial of the Hello Bar, one of the main email capture tools currently available.Created by the Digital Marketing guru, Neil Patel.

Tutorial to Install and Configure the Hello Bar

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Enter the Hello Bar site, put the URL of your blog and log in with your Google account.2nd Step: After you’ve entered your blog address and logged in to the tool, choose your goal. In this case, we will choose: Grow your mailing list.3rd Step: Now, choose a phrase to catch the attention CG Leads of your buyer persona. Always remember to choose a personalized phrase that presents the benefits for the person to subscribe to your blog. Solve your doubts about CTAs in our article!4th Step: Customize the tool according to your goals. In this context, we will create a pop-up to capture emails. Choose the Page Takeover style, a window that covers the entire content page, so that the person who enters your domain can easily run into it.

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