Guide to Make Your Event Succeed on Social Media

When you organize an event, surely your main objective is to be able to see yourself face to face with your audience, listen and talk looking each other in the eye… However, you should not forget the power of social networks since only they can make your event transcend more beyond time, space and borders. But… do you know how you should use them at each stage of your event? Before, for promotion; during, for management; and then for evaluation. That is why we offer you this guide to make your offline event grow, improve and succeed with online interaction. The first thing you should do before starting is stop and think: what are the social networks where you want to be?

The Crux of the Matter is to Know in Which

Of them your attendees are present and what your event will be like. For example, if an event is photogenic, Instagram is your best showcase; but do not forget about Facebook, it is the most popular network and, to this day, it is still the most visited. If you want to make your event go Swiss phone number format viral and generate conversions among users, Twitter is a very good option. If your event is a conference, congress or an educational event, the network par excellence is Linkedin, since it will help you establish professional connections (the content must also be).

How to Get Your Event to Succeed on Social Media

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Guide to make your event succeed on social media. Hire a qualified team to manage social networks before. During and after the event. Although it may seem easy, it is not a simple task, since specialized. Knowledge is required to carry out quality dissemination and analysis. Work (resolve doubts, foster interest…). Give the event an identity to apply it to all communication channels. It is very important to create a visual image for. The CG Leads event that identifies it, only in this way can the concept of the event. Be transmitted and its content identified. The tone is also another important aspect. To take into account, how are you going to address your audience? Will you use a relaxed, more colloquial. Language (entertainment, sports, fashion events, etc.)

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