Growth X Marketing: the Difference in Practice That I Learned With the Rock Content Team

Growth Hacking is a very feared term but, at the same time, it arouses the curiosity of companies from various sectors, and in marketing, it would be no different. Understand how Growth Hacking works in marketing teams. Chances are good that, even without knowing exactly what it means, you’ve already read about it on a blog, heard about it at a conference, or seen two people discussing “Growth Hacking.”Not in vain, often the term returns to be a trend and the investigations for the word increase considerably. But, what does the difference between doing Growth and Internet Marketing represent in practice? Should you hire a Growth expert? Is it possible to specialize someone on your team?

What is Growth Hacking?

In free translation, Growth means “growth” and Hack are “openings”.Therefore, Growth Hacking is the same as finding openings that can make your business grow. In practice, the great differential is the total focus on growth strategies. But I already have that. Ok, but beyond the mindset, you really need to take actions that can lead to that growth. In the end, the Ameriplan customer service hardest part, really, is getting to test your ideas and discover those openings in a proven way, generating real results. Therefore, there are 3 important aspects of Growth Hacking that do not work if they are not integrated: experiments with data analysis; automation; The creativity.CreativityThis is, without a doubt, a fundamental part of Growth Hacking.

Experiments and Data Analysis

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It is the practical part of creativity, which will often be the great difference between doing Marketing and applying growth. Although it sounds cliché, good ideas on paper do not bring any results. And, at the same time, without careful analysis, you will never be able to check whether or not you CG Leads achieved your goals. AutomationIt is what makes these actions scalable and that the results are truly exponential, not just an isolated action that brings a good return to your company. Does that mean that all growth action will depend on automation? Nope. But, possibly, that is a part of your marketing that has great opportunities and it is very likely that you have not used all of them. 

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