Google Updates Its Algorithm and Affects the Performance of Ymyl Sites

Google updates its algorithm and affects the performance of YMYL sites. Google’s algorithm update may affect the performance of finance and lifestyle sites. Understand more about the topic and prevent your site from losing positions! Whenever Google releases an algorithm update, the digital world goes into a panic trying to understand what changed, who was (or will be) affected, and to what extent the changes are. On the first of August 2018, it happened more than once. Google used one of its Twitter accounts to announce a major search algorithm update. Immediately, sites in the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life / Tu Dinero o Tu Vida) category began to see big swings in their search engine rankings, some positively and some not so much.

What Are Ymyl Pages?

First of all, it is important to understand what the acronym ymyl. Stands for in order to know if your site is at high risk of. Being affected or not. For that, we are going to start by using google’s own. Definition, which says: “some types of pages can impact the future. Happiness, health, financial stability or security of users. We call those pages “your money Portugal phone number or your life”, or ymyl.”then, google itself gives some examples of pages considered ymyl. Purchases or financial transactions: pages that allow you to make purchases. Make payments or transfers (such as e-commerce pages and online banks). Financial information: pages with information on investments. Taxes, retirement plan, financing, partnerships, insurance and other financial services.

How Did the New Update Affect Sites in the Ymyl Category?

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What has already been seen is that many sites that were previously in the first places of Google were brutally affected, with the traffic that comes from SEO plummeting. An article by Marie Haynes, a Google update specialist, lists several sites that dropped from almost 750K visits to less than 200K after the tamper! Meanwhile, other pages will jump from 1 to 2 million visits in CG Leads a few days. Marie’s analysis went deeper into diet and nutrition and medical product sites, but remember that the spectrum of YMYL pages is much broader than that. It can be difficult to determine with certainty the reasons for such drastically different results. But looking at Google’s ranking principles and comparing them to the update idea helps us come to a reasonable conclusion.

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