Google Puts More News in Its Results and Fewer Videos

Google brings up more images and news in its results, and fewer videos or Google Shopping. This is revealed by a study carried out by the publisher specializing. In seo searchmetrics and called “universal search results in the google serps. As a reminder, since 2007 “universal search” has included images, maps, videos. Or even products to buy from mountain view’s vertical engines (google shopping, google images) in google’s results pages (serps). Google maps , google news. These richer results than the classic “blue link” appear following a search in the engine. The Searchmetrics study looked at the top five pages of results generated by from January to December last year. At the beginning of 2012, this proportion was 86%. In December, it was 75%. Google Shopping less integrated into universal search in 2012 across the Atlantic Other salient conclusions, summarized in the graph from the study below.

Google Shopping less integrated into universal search in 2012 across the Atlantic

Integrations of video results or google shopping are also declining. Unlike those of images or news (which is more obvious. In another graph carried out by searchmetrics Belize Phone Number List showing percentage progress). Google maps integration is stable. Searchmetrics points out that across the atlantic. “the reduction in the number and proportion of results from google. Shopping in 2012 coincides with the implementation of the paying model for this engine. Which was previously free, before becoming paying for e-merchants. First in the united states last year, then in france since last february. The Searchmetrics chart also reveals that video remains the most important integration in universal search.

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YouTube favored in the referencing of videos?

But this integration has declined overall, even after a slight increase through May. The study also points out that the May peak in videos corresponds to a drop CG Leads in images, suggesting that this could be linked. Searchmetrics also thinks that the sporting events of 2012, the Euro in football, and the Olympic Games, could have had an impact on the results provided by Google, by favoring more video results in particular : this is at least what Searchmetrics, German publisher, explains having observed across the Rhine, “where these competitions have had more impact than in the United States”. seo yt 300 The integration of videos into Google’s universal search, according to its original platform.

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