Google Prime: Specializations at Your Fingertips to Prepare for the Market

It’s getting harder and harder to have a little free time to learn new things! Daily life demands that professional commitments be carried out with more agility and that moment of fun be postponed. Susana, a friend of ours, told us that she wants to make new professional flights in the area of ​​marketing. But, there is a lack of skillful time to meet that goal. We take advantage of this text to inform Susana and you, fellow learners, about the benefits of having Google Primer. Entrepreneurs, and students as they bring professionals up to date with what’s new in digital marketing. As a result, even people who work in the area and have extensive knowledge benefit from the content offered by the application.

What is Google Prime?

Google Primer emerged as a project of this giant technology company with the aim of offering marketing content that stimulates the search for knowledge. That is, Google Primer is an excellent application for people who want to learn new content in the area of ​​marketing but do not have opportunity seekers mailing list many hours available for such a mission. We hope that Susana is attentive to this information, as it will be essential in her journey! And you, put your batteries and stay with us until the end. How about using Google Primer to gain new insights and initiate new challenges within the industry?

Details About This Daring Google Project

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The Google Primer is an application, which is currently available for both iOS and Android system devices. Its main objective is to teach marketing lessons in a practical, agile and educational way. Each lesson lasts no more than five minutes and, to facilitate understanding, they are divided into small paragraphs, thus composing the cards. Lesson content Each lesson contains topics considered basic, but the advantage is in the advanced ideas that CG Leads each of them presents. Thus, people who are thirsty for knowledge in marketing (such as Susana and you), can access simple knowledge, but with super current concepts. One of the differentials of Google Primer is that it presents knowledge free of charge. The modern topics covered by the lessons are extremely important for managers.

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